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Finally it's here! :) Available for download. IRCer v1.0.38. Written in VisualBASIC. Open Source IRC client in EARLY development. I REALLY don't have much time to work on it, so, if someone would like to join the development - WELCOME! :) [download]

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Here You will be able to find information about past, present and future DLsoft projects.

[6/30/00 11:28PM] The best TCL documentation ever: tcl-book_p1.pdf | tcl-book_p2.pdf | tcl-book_p3.pdftcl-book_p1.pdf
[6/5/0 7:07PM] Now you can get YaBASIC RPM's (source and binary) from this site... 

[4/28/2000 12:34PM] Another thing... If someone want't to contact Us via IRC, than go over BalcanNET, channels: #balcan, #1 or #linux. Look for LekaMan

[4/28/2000 12:16PM] Source Code (and compiled binary) of IRCer (an IRC client written entirely in VisualBASIC) is finally available for download. If You wanna see how it looks like, click here! [download]

[4/11/2000 09:10AM] If You like YaBASIC - an OpenSource BASIC interpreter that runs both on UNIX and Windoze, than probably You have wondered if someone have written a CGI library for YaBASIC... DLsoft developer Dejan Lekić have written it (as OpenSource - free4all) and You can grab it here. Comments are welcome. If you are YaBASIC programmer we suggest You to post all suggestions on official YaBASIC forum  [download]

[2/11/2000 14:02PM] There is only one thing i should do before i release IRCer code to public: it is clsEngine which is the main class - crucial to IRCer. It handles all activities of User and its IRC neighborhood. So please be patient - this week You will face source here. I am also working on putting somewhere CVS tree, so we can develop it faster! 
Best wishes from Belgrade

Ovde ćete moći da vidite šta ima novo od programa urađenih u ovom malenom, ali moćnom jeziku.

Skinite YaBASIC 2.64-r1 source i binary RPM-ove sa ovog sajta...

Ovaj jezik se sve više koristi na WEB-u, a bogme i kao shell script language. Ovde ćete moći da vidite šta je to DLsoft uradio u PHP-u. Takođe ćete moći da vidite i skinete DLsoft skripte odavde.
Da, da, DLsoft je radio i zanimljive JavaScript skripte. Neke od njih će Vam sigurno biti potrebne (kao što je recimo DLBanner ili JSKupovina)
Evo konačno sam našao vremena da stavim IRCer - IRC client pisan u VisualBASIC-u. Sam program je (kao što će videti oni koji ga budu skinuli) u ranoj fazi razvoja. Ja lično nemam puno vremena da se bavim njime, tako da ako neko želi može da se pridruži i da zajedno nastavimo da radimo na njemu - dobrodošao! :)

Voleli bi jako ako bi se neko od hrvatskih VisualBASIC programera pridružio razvoju... [download]

 to je to... idemo na vrh


On this site you will be able to find source code of VisualBASIC IRC client!



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