Here You will be able to find information about DLsoft...

About DLsoft...
DLsoft is team of young (but full of experiences), programmers group that aims to be experts for developing powerfull database, web, unix applications.

We are open for all interesting PHP, C/C++, Java programmers to join us. All you have to do is to fill aplying form and after that you will be part of team!

What is usual reasons for joining such programmers group like this?

  1. We help each other in solving programming problems... Per example: someone offered you $2800 for making multiplatform application that should access database located on some machine over Internet (or Intranet), you made all stuff, but you can't solve few problems.
  2. You can learn some new_to_you programming techniques from our members, so You can than apply it on your future projects.
  3. If you lack of Unix, Windows, MacOS, QNX administration skills, you can learn a lot of tips & tricks that will make your administrational life easyer! :) Most of us are proven administrators on big/small systems...

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