Here You will be able to find YaBASIC stuff
  • Finally, there is new version of YaBASIC. I decided to let visitors of my WEB site to get source and binary RPM's from here. Note that these RPMs are the best, even better from those that You can get from official YaBASIC site (why so, You can see on YaBASIC forum)
  • yalCGI - a YaBASIC CGI library + DEMO.
    Or, You can download ZIP file yalCGI.zip with all above mentioned files.
  • Unfortunately, FreeServers haven't yet answered on my request of adding yab MIME type definition onto their WEB server. That's why You friends can't view these yab files... :(
  • Here it is! (Finally) - UltraEDIT syntax highlighting for YaBASIC files! Here it is! And, here is screenshot...
  NEDIT is cool text editor

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